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Ice Cave Explorers



Out there, beyond the farthest reaches of the frozen wilderness, a team of eager explorers set off on a perilous journey. After months risking life and limb, they discover an ice cave full of precious gems and mysterious creatures. The expedition leader, Archie Snowdon, tells everyone to stay together and be on their guard whilst he radios-in their location.

Some of the group are mesmerised by the countless gems and set about removing the treasures from the ice. Another of the group, Marc Waterman, decides he’s hungry and rushes to catch some of the unusual coloured fish that are flapping around in a small pool.

Vonnie Stone, not satisfied with the gems on offer, decides to do some further investigating of her own… Who knows what awaits her as she climbs the rope…


Archie Snowdon – World-renowned explorer. Excellent leadership skills. A bit bossy at times.

Vonnie Stone – Experienced climber. High-spirited. Nothing will stop her.

Jennifer Light – A trained doctor. A huge animal lover. Great friends with Wade.

Marc Waterman – World-class diver. Has a vast knowledge of all things aquatic. A keen fisherman.

Lisa Sharp – Keen photographer. Always watching. Excellent instincts.

Wade Jenkins – A bit of a comedian. Keeps everyone’s spirits up. Daddy paid for the whole expedition.


Three removable doors at the back, where the displayed fossils can be changed.

Removable top giving easy access to the cave.

Extra pieces to create an alternative display.


I saw the raised baseplate whilst looking through some old Lego catalogues. I immediately thought of an ice and snow scene and the various baseplate levels would make a great water feature.  It was originally intended to be an ice cave with a prehistoric creature living there, and to be littered with various junk that had washed up; propeller blades, license plates, barrels and hosepipes. But as I began to build the snowy walls, and had added a few gems, the idea of a team of explorers discovering the cave sprang to mind. An added selection of weird and wonderful creatures from the world of Lego completes the build and adds to the excitement!

The explorers all have different clothing because they are all independent characters with different skills. I wanted to create a story and show them with their own personalities and agendas.

I started building three months ago, early May 2020, and it has had a few rebuilds. The removable top part was especially difficult and building on a raised baseplate created many challenges.

I didn’t count the parts, but I’d estimate at around 1000, maybe a bit more.

I think the Ice Cave is very different and would make a great display piece!

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