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Traveling Magnetic Chess Set.

Millions of people every day play and enjoy chess around the world as I do. It is a game of strategy that can bring great pleasure as well as frustration to the player whether you are a beginner or Grand Master. 
There have been many Grand Masters of the game, two of the better known being Boris Spassky and Bobby Fischer.
The origins of chess can be traced backed as far as 1500 years ago. Its earliest form is believed to have originated in India around the 7th century and was known as Chaturanga which translate as “four divisions” (Infantry, Cavalry, Elephant and Chariot) which has evolved in modern times to Pawn, Knight, Bishop and Rook. Chess was later introduced to ancient Persia from India and was most popular among its Court, Princes and the King as it was to be in most royal courts all around the world.
Many chess sets over the years have been proposed to Lego Ideas from full size sets, many themed related sets, small desk size sets and small travel sets as well. After some investigation I found that the common factor with these creations is that the chess pieces for the most part were held on to the board with modified plates with a single stud also known as jumpers, but in no case could I find a true Magnetic travel sets as a good many of the commercial ones are. So I decided to design my own for your consideration.  
The set comprises of four components 1 the board 2 the piece 3 & 4 A box and slide out draw to store the chess pieces when not in play.
The total surface area of the board is 18 x 18 studs with a height of two and 2/3 bricks with a playing surface of 16 x 16 studs. Inside the board there are 64 train coupling magnets, one under each of the 64 playing squares. Although they are separated from the playing pieces by a tile attached to a plate the magnets are still strong enough to hold the pieces in place (this can be seen in the last photo of a mock. On each of the side edges of the board there also a 1 x 4 modified plate to hold the board and storage box together while in transit.
The standard 32 playing pieces 16 White and 16 Tan can be seen in the photos. All pieces are of a simple design but are still affective and nice to look at. The 8 royal pieces tops on each side in the most part are not currently produced in the colours depicted but I have provided a photo showing the pieces in their available colours, you can be the judge. Once again like the board each piece has a magnet too attach them to the board.

The storage box is 18 x 18 studs and three bricks high with a curved roof and the lettering “My Chess Set” on top. The draw is 14 x 16 studs and also three bricks tall. The Box can be attached to the top of the chess board via the 1 x 4 modified plates with 2 studs on each side for easy storage and transporting.
The alternative way to store the pieces and maybe the better of the two is to use the cover system. By simply resetting the playing board and fastening the cover over the top as you would with the storage box system.

General Information.
As previously stated, the set is 18 x 18 studs square by approximately 7 bricks high.
The model is a true traveling magnetic chess set that is very sturdy and will entertain both young and old whether it is used at home or on a long journey for many hours.
The creation is made from in most part of 760 common elements.
I welcome any constructive comments. I hope you like my vision of this “Traveling Magnetic Chess Set” and if so please take a second and hit the support button.

Many thanks


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