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Naboo - Lego Star Wars Architecture


Lego Architecture travels to a galaxy far, far away for the new Lego Naboo set!

Lego Naboo re-creates the capital city of Theed, seen in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. The set includes several key locations from the movie, including the Royal Palace, the Hanger Bay, and one of the city's many waterfalls.

But that's not all ... open the secret door below the Hanger Bay to reveal the underwater Gungan city! Unfortunately, I could not render a decent image of that part of the set, so I hope a simple screen capture will be sufficient. But trust me -- it looks really cool.

Although Naboo is known for its many round structures, virtually no round brick were used to create this set. Instead, I tried to incorporate a variety of techniques to build the different structures, including low-angle roof tiles, flat tiles, and arch bricks.

The landscape also presented a very unique challenge, where I needed to create clearly defined cliffs in a very limited space. For this, I used the studs-not-on-top method to build walls of flat tiles that rise from the valley floor up to the plateau where the capital city is built.

At 536 pieces, Lego Naboo will fit in nicely with any existing Lego Architecture set. Be sure to watch for my future Lego Architecture sets from the Star Wars universe and beyond. And thank you in advance for your support!

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