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Brain puzzles

I created a number of brain puzzles out of lego, using the wooden versions as example.
In the picture above is the Orion puzzle. It consists of 18 puzzle pieces (200 parts).

Correction: Due to a counting error, the number of parts for the puzzles are incorrect. The correct numbers must be: Orion 400 parts, 'Z' puzzle: 105 parts, Sliding puzzle: 658 parts and Dice puzzle: 84 parts.

The 'Z' puzzle. Fit the Z-shaped and square shaped pieces in the box, or only the Z pieces in a different way. Consists of 8 puzzle pieces (66 parts).

A sliding puzzle with box and sliding lid. Slide the small square back into the gap. Consists of 5 puzzle pieces (1 square and 4 corners) (568 parts).

Dice puzzle. Consists of 9 puzzle pieces (105 parts + stickers for the dots). Also an easy version is available with colored dots.

The Orion puzzle, but now taken apart.

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