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Lego Reptiles

Reptiles are becoming more popular pets every year, as more people discover how beautiful, cute and friendly they can be.
This project is made for Lego and reptile fans, celebrating some of the cutest species beloved by the reptile community.

3 models are included in this project, showing the unique colors, textures and patterns of these animals, as realistic 1:1 scale Lego creations :)

Veiled Chameleon: Native to Arabian Peninsula, this chameleon (scientifically known as Chamaeleo calyptratus) has beautiful colorations, and is recognized by its iconic casque protruding from the head. Unlike popular misconception, the chameleon does not change its color for camouflage, but instead to show its emotions, stress level, and social status.
Here I have the animal resting on a branch, and re-created its skin texture + beautiful colors with lego studs+ small tiles.

Leopard Gecko: This cute desert dwelling lizard has become one of the most popular pet reptiles around the world. One of the most common morphs have dark spots pattern on yellow/ orange skin, resembling leopards. They are sometimes referred to as the first domesticate lizards, beloved for the big eyes, cute smile and iconic chubby tail. Adult females can grow to 20 cm, whereas males can grow to 28 cm long.

Box turtle:   A very popular choice for pet turtles, they are characterised by their dome shaped shells. Some have unique radiating patterns on their shells, with striking yellow, orange colors. Though looking like a tortoise, they are actually terrapins, the same group as other water dwelling turtles such as red eared slider. Box turtles can live up to 40-50 years! Here I used black and orange slope Lego elements to make their beautiful shell, quarter tiles to make the leg scales pattern, and the gold ring elements to make the eyes.
Inspired by the Insect LEGO Ideas set, I made a plant base for the Chameleon and Leopard gecko, both to give them more natural poses, and add more life to the models.
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