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Robotic Warriors


These are two mercenary humanoid Robotic Warriors, 7R0JAN and P1X13. 7R0JAN is a masculine robot, with Trojan-themed armor. P1X13 is a feminine flying robot, with dark Pixie-themed armor. Together, they fight for whoever pays them... in Platinum!

7R0JAN has a sword and sidearm, which he wields with his strong and extra-large arms. In dark areas, his floodlights reveal all the targets, which he runs and jumps to with his powerful shock-absorbing legs! He has thick armoring, red details, and a larger chest.

P1X13 has a long-range primary weapon, which she aims and shoots with her shock-absorbing arms. She is sleek and aerodynamic, which is important for flying! She can glide and fly using two wing-mounted jets. She is slightly shorter than 7R0JAN, but has more flexible legs.

Both models have moveable joints and raiseable heads. 

It's been months since my last post, and I have many projects made and ready to go! 

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