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Pirate Harbor: Port Plunder


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The Port Plunder set is meant to add a new "home base" for the pirate faction of the 2015 Lego Pirates theme.

It comes with approx. 1250 pieces and consists of several single 6 by 12 waterfront/dock modules, which can either be placed loose or snapped together with 2x2 round plates.

The 13 modules contained in this set are as follows:

  1. dockmaster house (old yellow/white color sheme from the Pirates 1 theme)
  2. 2-story inn/tavern with some additional platforms attached (snapped together with modified plates and ladders)
  3. 2-story store (old yellow/white color sheme from the Pirates 1 theme)
  4. house (either fantasy themed with an islanders-style potion cauldron or more 'realistic' with a pirate king and his treasures)
  5. potion brewery/grog brewery (connected to 4)
  6. platform with storage
  7. rotating loading crane with chain and hook
  8. mast with cage and chains
  9. - 13. platforms with crates, lanterns and crabs

All of the building modules come with furniture, while some of the platforms with crates come with treasure (it is a pirate harbor after all).

In addition to the waterfront/dock modules the set contains either one or two stone lighthouses on a 16x16 baseplate, which can be freely placed, two small sandbanks with brick-build palm trees, a row boat, some sharks and a small ship with a build similar to the vessel from Lego The Hobbit's 'Lake Town Chase' set.

The later is included to provide a vessel to play with in the harbor, if a bigger pirate ship like the Brick Bounty is not available.

Minifigures for this set could easily make use of the existing pirate-themed minifugre parts.

Possible minifigures for this set cold be any of the following:

  • dockmaster/harbormaster
  • retired pirate/shopkeeper/pirate king
  • female innkeper
  • beggar
  • 1 or 2 dockworkers
  • imperial spy (comes with a telescope and a big barrel to hide in)

The finished set would benefit from a small selection of stickers, such as wooden boards for the slope piece on the dockmasters house, shop signs or wanted posters.

Another possible addition could be a poster with a water scene that can be used a a small playmat. (If this counts as a new part, please disregard this part of the submission.)

All things considered, this set could be a great addition to the existing Pirates theme or a great stand-alone set. The buildings can be easily accessed and rearranged and the modular build allows for various exciting variations.

Younger Lego fans can easily enjoy the set for what it is, while older fans will also recognize the color sheme of the old Pirates themes with some of the buildings.

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