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UCS Tie Fighter

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My UCS Scaled up TIE Fighter measures 13 inches wide and a full 15 inches high on it's own. It can also be mounted on a built up stand for display, but the stand won't get much use as you'll be too busy 'swooshing' it around the galaxy.
The kit is comprised of 1114 pieces and the vast majority are readily available. The price-point on a kit this size would be around $150-$180 USD and would be comparable to other builds of this size.
Lego already has a working relationship with Lucasfilm and Disney, and this would really help to make this kit a reality.
I loved building this up and YES I borrowed techniques from the recently released smaller TIE and other UCS kits as they worked really well into this model. I hope that you enjoy the build and Thank You for your consideration! if I only had a second TIE, and a trench!!! Hmmmmmmm...

*I personally want to thank my brother for his creative genius with the computer rendering. I can toss some bricks together to make something cool, but he can work magic with a keyboard and mouse!
** All artwork featured here is sole property of it's owners which are awesome, and I claim absolutely no right to it what so ever! If anything on here violates anything ever- please let me know right away and I will have it removed!!!


Outboard detailing

UCS TIE Advanced and escort!

Wouldn't you just love to grab one of these off the shelf of your local retailer!!!

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