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Bonsai Wattle Tree


Wattle Tree Bonsai - Acacia

People have argued over the origins of bonsai for generations and whether they originated from China or Japan.  But none can argue that their beauty is not timeless, and therefore irrelevant of its origins. 

A bonsai lives in the moment, for the moment.  Ultimately this too, is the definition of a great Lego model - being a thing of beauty, holding such timeless joy for us to engage with, and truly admire.

Anyone who grows bonsai, knows they require constant care, attention to detail, maintenance, adequate watering, repotting, styling, pest removing, pruning, and most of all - patience.  Often after many decades, stringent enthusiasts produce aged masterpieces that so many of us aspire to.  This is their dream. This is their tale.  Told in all its plastic studded glory : Lego Bonsai.

I love looking at wattle trees that have their beautiful drooping flowers cascading down like frozen icicles in time.  Their soft fluffy yellow flowers create a spectacular display.  The sole purpose of a bonsai is to create an amalgamation of nature and art into one inspiring display.  These traits translate so well to the art of Lego.

We hope you enjoy seeing this creation, and in time hopefully you have one displayed in your home.

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