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Drifting Car

Why did I create this model?
I created this car during the containment period (because of the Coronavirus). Like many other creators, I found the time to make this model. I based myself on another car I had created 2 years earlier, but by improving it, and by using the experience I had acquired during these 2 years.

This car is powered by 3 big Mindstorm engines. I used these engines because they are very powerful, perfect for a car of this size. I connected them together on the same axis, and added a x4.5 multiplier to get a good speed (you can put a x3 multiplier for more power but less speed). It can thus reach 3 kmh (1.864 mph). As you can see, the wheels do not have tires. This is the specificity of this car. It can do drifts or skid starts which is quite stylish!

Steering :
The steering is provided by a medium mindstorm engine. We can add in the control program a road holding function associated with a gyro sensor. To calibrate the steering, it is possible to rotate the wheel you see on the hood which is directly connected to the steering.

Remote control
The car can be controlled remotely with an IR remote control. I used the simple mindstorm remote control at first, but it was complicated to control the car. So I created this design that allows it to be used as a real remote control for car.

Other features:
This car has a V6 engine in the rear that works, for style. The inclination of the spoiler can be changed. The design was not inspired by an existing car, I made it from 2 things: the parts I had and my brain. I hope you enjoy this model.

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