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Rescue/Pumper Fire Engine


Lego City is full of fire TRUCKS with ladders on top and two firefighters ready to put out the flames.  But who do the minfigs call when there is a car accident or a construction accident? What if a boat overturns or a haz-mat situation arises in the city? The citizens need this Rescue/Pumper fire engine equipped with ample boxes and shelves for tools such as axes, hammers, and saws.  It can be customized with life jackets and extra air tanks for when those firefighters on the truck need more air to fight the fires.  This engine provides the tools and skills necessary to handle all of the emergencies in the city, not just the fire.  

This Engine/Pumper is 8 studs wide, 27 studs long and 10 studs tall.  At 242 pieces/91 lots this Engine is a perfect size to show the minfigs of Lego City that they are safe and well taken care of by the bravest of brave firefighters riding in this gorgeous Engine.

I hope you'll consider voting for this Engine/Pumper truck to help keep the minfigs of Lego City safe for years to come. 

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