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The Witch of the Woods


5594 supporters!

It's been a while since my last update of this build and the time has come for a story to be told. 📖

As the days, weeks and months passed, The Witch of the Woods was running out of time, when something truly magical happened, just like in fairy tales.When there was only one day left the wonder took place: the project reached 5000 supporters🎉 getting half a year more to gather supports.

This absolutely unexpected twist brought hope back for this build but it would have not happened without the 5000 people supporting The Witch of the Woods.💕

Since then 594 more people supported this project bringing it closer to the final goal.🧡

With this update I want to tell how much it means to me to see the support this build got and to thank everyone who liked my first Lego Ideas project and helped more people to finding it. All your help is very much appreciated! Thank you very-very-very much! 🧙‍♀️🍄💖



A few changes🍁

I made a few changes to this project, here is the list:
  • added some bushes, rocks and pebbles around the house, so the forest now looks more untouched🌻
  • added some tendrils to the tower🌿
  • I also put some foliage on the roof🍂

Here are some before and after images:
  • front:
  • back:

I hope you like these changes, please write your opinion!
And also, a big thank you for everyone who supported this project!🍁🍂


1000 supporters!

A really big thank you for all of you who supported The Witch of the Woods!

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