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Amsterdam Canal House Modular


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This is my version of a modular city building. I have always liked the architecture of the houses along the canals of Amsterdam and decided to try and recreate one on my own. This is my first attempt at creating a modular building and I am quite happy with the way it turned out. You will notice that the three levels can be removed and that it has the peg holes on the sides so that you can click it in with your other modulars. 

I paid very close attention to the small details. The use of many profile (brick style) bricks along with the white accents really makes this building pop!

After the announcement of the new 10th anniversary modular building "Assembly Square" we finally have enough buildings to create an entire city block. The only problem is that there will be an empty space next to the new "Assembly Square" because it is the size of the previous modulars plus another half size building. It is basically a modular and a half. So we need one more half building on a 16x32 baseplate to complete the entire city block. That is where I got the inspiration to create this modular. I wanted to make something that would be on par with official modulars and look like it was meant to fit in right next to the new "Assembly Square" modular. 





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