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Racing kart transport truck - new 6335 set

Hi, this would be a new special transport truck for the city theme. Like the new trucks it is 6 studs wide (7 for the trailer).
It is inspired by the fantastic old set 6335 "Indy car transport" , this could be a modern re-edition of that set, see them together in the last picture!
The old set was transporting three formula one cars, this set is made to hold five go-karts, that seems to me better considering the whole truck dimension.
As the old set, the trailer has hinged parts that allow you to charge and uncharge the karts.
In my opinion this would be, as the old one, a really playable set!

See other images at:

Here you can see the hinge structure of the trailer, that allows to charge and discahrge karts as in real trucks, this will give to the model a great playability.

Here the comparison between the old model 6335 "Indy car transport" and the new version I propose. The new is wider (6-7 studs) and has karts instead of F1.

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