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Sugar Sugar Rune


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Sugar Sugar Rune was a manga series by Moyoko Anno and was published from 2004-2007. It was then adapted into an anime series that aired from 2005-2006. The series was about two young witches named Chocolat Meilleure (which I later found out means "Best Chocolate" in French) and Vanilla Mieux (which in French means "Better Vanilla"), who come from a realm called the Magical World and are chosen to compete to see which of them will be the future queen of the Magical World. In order for one of them to be crowned queen, they are sent into the human world and collect the "hearts" of boys. The one who collects the most is crowned queen. "Hearts", in the show, are representations of an emotion someone feels for another person, which can then be extracted and crystallized by witches. They are different colors depending on what emotion they represent (yellow=surprise, orange=infatuation, green=friendship, blue=respect, multicolor=amusement, pink=limerence, purple=forbidden love, red=passionate love, black=anger/hatred, and white=innocence). Along the way, Chocolat and Vanilla are aided by their two animal familiars, a frog named Duke and a mouse named Blanca, as well as their assigned mentor and guardian named Rockin' Robin.

The set I had in mind would be of the Ogre Castle from episode 51 (the last episode) of the anime series. The set would include 7 minifigures: Chocolat (Magical World outfit), Chocolat (human world outfit), Vanilla (Magical World outfit), Vanilla (human world outfit), Woo (Magical World outfit), Soul (Magical World outfit, and Pierre/Glace (Ogre Prince outfit). It would also include 3 animal figures: Duke, Blanca, and Cinnamon Meilleure (cat form). Chocolat (Magical World outfit) and Vanilla (Magical World outfit) would each come with their own wands and brooms, while Pierre/Glace (Ogre Prince outfit) would come with his magical staff. The set would have two separate sections: the entrance to the Ogre Kingdom and the Ogre Castle. The castle would stand on a mountain base, and both the castle and the mountain base would open up, using a hinge piece, to see inside. I think it would make a good set because it would make a really nice play set and it would appeal to kids and teens.

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