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Winter Railway Crossing

Attention! The imminent arrival of the train is heralded by the descent of the crossing barrier and the resonant echo of a warning signal...

A railway's essence is incomprehensible without the inclusion of a crossing and the presence of a signal box. Do you concur? I, for one, hold this conviction, a sentiment shared by my venerable acquaintance, Nicholas, the vigilant guardian of the signal box. Together with his loyal companion, Danka, they meticulously oversee the sanctity and tidiness of their domain, particularly when the inclement grasp of frost and snow endeavors to sow disruption throughout the entire railway expanse.

"On my watch, none shall falter," declared Nicholas resolutely as he set about the task of liberating the rails from the clutches of snow. Every rail demands meticulous attention, for a train carrying the anticipation and laughter of children bound for the city will soon traverse this very passage. Subsequent to this job, the solace of a fireside respite, accompanied by steaming cups of tea, awaits, and the glow of festive lights adorning the tree shall be kindled.

The Christmas approaches with celerity! Ho-ho-ho)

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