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Space Prisoner Transporter Rescue


How It Started

After I saw the Lego Overwatch Dorado Showdown and the illusion that made the vehicle look like it was hovering, I decided to try out the same thing. I got carried away and ended up making a 227 pieced build. Then, I decided to make it into a Lego Ideas entry.

The Story

Some bad guys called the Bumblebees (the men in the black and yellow) captured a man (the guy in the blue) and took him into their prison bus. A lady warrior (the woman in the gold) and her trusty robot friend (the guy in the silver and the rocket boosters) decide to save the prisoner from the Bumblebees. They end up getting into a huge battle.

The Bus

Made with black and yellow bricks, the Bumblebees' prison transporter has a cockpit for the driver, an area where the prisoner can sit in the back, and a place where someone can shoot attacker at the top. The back opens up so the prisoner has the capability of escaping. At the bottom, there are hidden wheels that create the illusion that it's hovering (really, it's supposed to be flying, but if someone wants to put it on display, at least it can stand). 

Other Side Builds

This set has one side build which is a little vehicle for the female warrior. It's equipped with a stud shooter and uses the fire pieces for the boosters.

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