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The Lovely Lady

Go on that long awaited fising trip with The Lovely Lady! Youll be at the helm of a small yacht any time!

I'm getting into miniture building latley. It's display pieces that get my creative mind going! This project features many elements. My goal here is to reach the fisherman or fisherwoman girls an boys alike to get them thinking of that day on the water already experienced, or a dream yet to come true. Smell that sea air yet? Grab the "The Lovely Lady" and take her on out for a voyage like noone but you could imagine! 

A long time ago about 20 years now in Southeast Alaska, I had an experience like no other could have. My mother was the deck hand on a 42 foot yacht. Cooking and cleaning the days' catch was her job and I went on week long trips riding along! As I continued to grow up, the boat became somewhat of a home and I stayed on this wonderful vessel for years fishing, learning to clean our catch, discovering iceburgs, Clamming on the beach, and dropping a few crab pots along the way. I want to commemorate The Lovley Lady in this project.

I think this would be a great Lego set because it says alot about the oceans' elements and a docks' features in a small design. My daughter loves it so I'm sure lots of children would love it. It's also attracted some adult eyes as well and they suggested I get this idea out there! 

To start of the list of elements, the boat "The Lovely Lady" (boat only) is small but packed with 70 pieces! I'm hoping the name of the boat is placed on the rear end painted or sticker on part number 6023806.

As always build on!

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