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City Police Horse Trailer

Help!  There is trouble on the City streets and in the City park!  Call in the Lego City Horse Police!

Straight from the City Stables comes the pick-up drawn horse trailer.  Two City Police and their trusty steeds are ready to tackle crime in the city. 

Pick-up truck sits both police officers, one driver and one officer to handle communications.  Truck has dual wheels on the rear axle to handle the weight of the trailer.  Includes light bar on roof to cruise through traffic to the scene of the crime.

Trailer has fold down back gate to allow easy entry and exit of horses.  Two horses fit inside with access to their feed tray filled with hay.  Front end of trailer includes a door for minifigure access, storage for horse brushes, and a broom for mucking out the trailer.  Additional, storage is available for horse harnesses, saddles and police helmets!

This set includes approximately 300 pieces, two minifigures, and two horses.


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