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Northern Spa

Are your minifigs feeling stressed ? Invite them to relax in the warm and cozy Northern Spa. Located in a magnificent snowy forest. Here they will be able to enjoy many accommodation to take care of there physical and spiritual self.

In this building you'll find many relaxation area : an outdoor barrel sauna, an indoor outdoor warm pool and a hot hammam. And between these activities visitors can savour a good mint tea or a comforting hot cocoa near the fireplace.

The only issue with that place is a water leak that the owners have been unable to find, let's hope no one is taking advantage of this ...

This build is made of three part, the roof is removable for easy access and the whole cabin can be removed for the base too.
it include a bunch of minifigs : the owners, the employees and a couple of visitors. There is also a couple of animals included in this set to represent the forests wildlife.

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