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Entomologist Adventure 🐜

Hey everyone! I built this MOC a while back but just recently finished it up. I named it Entomologist Adventure because its a pair of Entomologists out on a research trip. As a kid I was always fascinated with insects. How the work, how they live, how they look, etc. Which led me to research insects on my own time at a young age. Nowadays I don't really do that anymore, but I still find them extremely interesting. I decided to build this as a sort of visualization of what I used to do as a kid with some of my friends and how we thought we looked. I think this Lego set would look great on the desk of an entomologist, or even in a forest area of a Lego city. My main goal with this Lego set was to make people reminisce of their childhood, or the freedom that comes with doing something you love.

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