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The Sustainable Solar House


Solar Panels & Solar Thermal on the roof.

Solar Modules are integrated as a roof on the side of the house.

Solar Delivery Drone.
Solar Robot.
Solar Street and Outdoor Lights.

Solar Tree.

Solar Cooker.

Rainwater collector + Wastewater Recycling system + Biodigester + Heat pump + Recycling center.

Natural Lighting enters via the big roof window.

Vertical, Indoor, and Roof Farming + Regenerative Agriculture on the Ground + Tree Planting.

Tree Hugging (to re-connect with nature).

Micro Wind Turbine on the roof.

Battery System + Smart Meter.

Bike lane for Bikes, Electric Bikes, and Scooters.

There is no car in the house, as in the next decade we expect cars to be self-driven, so you could choose not to have your own vehicle (they will be available 24/7 on the road, as the red car in the image).

The school bus and the car are self-driven electric vehicles on a self-driven lane with a wireless electric charger on the side. 

Electric self-driven School Bus.

Electric self-driven Car.

The house will help kids & adults learn about Renewable Energy and Sustainability in a fun way while building a LEGO set. 

It took me 11 months to finish this design (countless weekends & nights) and it has been a long journey. I would never have been able to do this alone, I was able to finish this project thanks to the collaboration of my wife Fernanda (LEGO Ideas username Ferchu). Also useful has been the constant feedback from my friend Zima and my brother-in-law José on parts of the LDD design. I am grateful for their fantastic support.

I have the exclusive rights to this model (100% built with existing LEGO elements). As you will see below, if this project ends up being a reality, all the benefits will go to a good cause.

This concept and design have also been approved by the quality control department run by my daughter (7) and my son (8). 😉

My personal take on LEGO:

LEGO is one of the first building blocks of a child's imagination, and one of the final frontiers to save them from their screens.

Even the smallest pieces can build the brick at a time.

GOAL: 10,000 votes
If 10,000 people vote for this idea, "The Sustainable Solar House,” LEGO will consider making it a real kit.  

Thank you for taking the time and for reading up to this point.
My kids and I really appreciate it! 🙏

It will be great if you can SUPPORT this project and SHARE it with your Friends & Family!

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