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Spyro the Dragon Brickhead

Spyro the Dragon may not be a household name, but any kid growing up in the 90s will absolutely cherish this lovable purple dragon. Alongside the legendary Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon dominated the PlayStation 1, with 3 platforming adventures, each better than the last!

This LEGO Brickhead is a loving recreation of this PlayStation Classic, built with careful attention to the original PS1 Spyro's design.

I built this because I've had a personal connection to Spyro: When I was 5 I used to play on an old beat-up PS1 that my sister used to use, and the only game I ever played over and over was Spyro the Dragon. Because of this, and my love for LEGO, I was inspired to build my own Brickhead of him, in the hopes that there can finally be a Spyro the Dragon LEGO set.

I think this would be an incredible set because it would pave the way for other PlayStation classic characters, such as Crash Bandicoot, to get their own brickheads. It would also be an incredible sight to see a Spyro LEGO Set, something I dream about!

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