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LEGO Townhouse


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I love designing detailed interiors. One of key elements for me is that it must be livable for a minifig; no dead end corridors and all the appointments a minfig needs for a comfortable life. So this is my latest townhouse! It connects to my previous Fish and Chip Shop (have a look at my projects if you're interested) and is the start of my moc street.

The model includes a fully detailed interior telling a fun story, as the couple living there want to get rid of the bees nest in the front garden, maybe poking it with a broom is not the best idea!

The townhouse includes:

  • A custom designed tree outside the smart facade, with a small front garden and path to the front door.
  • An open plan living area with sofa and flat screen tv with speakers, glass coffee table and dining table, fully appointed kitchen including a coffee maker, chopping boards and extractor fan, and a small bathroom under the stairs. There's even a small cupboard under the stairs you can get to from the bathroom!
  • The integrated staircase leads upstairs to the first floor, with a double bedroom with bluetooth speaker, washing basket, wardrobe, wall-mounted tv and shelves with minifig knick-knacks. Along the hallway is a bookshelf and toolkit for emergencies, leading to a small office with a desktop computer, plant and cabinets, and finally a small shower room with toilet, sink and appointed shower with soap and towels. Someone has lost their phone!
  • At the back, is a small bbq with decking and even and outdoor tap.
  • The minifigs can reach the roof through a small trap-door above the stairs to access the satellite dish in case it needs repairs.
  • There is a small advertising billboard on the wall outside.

I hope you'll agree this small house would be a lovely fit in any LEGO City! The design is completely modular, and the top floor and roof can be removed to access the play features inside. This was designed digitally from entirely existing LEGO pieces with the exception of some chromed mirror pieces in the lounge and downstairs and upstairs bathroom.

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