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Monkey Island: Scummbar 1.0


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This the the famous SCUMM bar from The Secret of Monkey Island.

I created this project on LDD. I added some popup to put some items (example: red curtains between the part of the house). This is the first step, that's mean, it 's work in progress and I'll add some updates in the future.

I tried to do a translate of the SCUMM bar, that's mean, small room and simplify the reference. But of course, as I'm a big fan of Monkey Island, I keep the essentials things and details:
• The Moving board to flee the seagul.
• The skull above the kitchen door.
• The pirates leaders.
• The pirate turning on the gloss.

I hope you'll enjoy it and if you do ... VOTE !

(If you know the secret of Monkey Island, I'm also interested!)


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