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House Transport


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The House Transport makes way for pre-fab buildings to be brought in to you Lego city.

My set contains two cars, a truck with trailer, and half of a house. 

My inspiration for this set was the truck. I built it because there are very little Lego trucks with duals (four tires on one axle). It is a two-seater, and is red with a white racing stripe (note- racing stripe does not suggest the ability to race). It has a long trailer, which comes with beams that can be placed to support the house.

The house has the area 16*32, and has two rooms and a hallway. The kitchen includes a refrigerator, a sink, a stove, and a chair and table. The table has a plate with pizza, a mug, and a lemon sundae. The bedroom has a bed, a bedside table, and a TV. The house can connect to itself with Technic pins.

There are two escort vehicles, a ute and a van. The ute is based on one i already have, and the van is based on it. They both have lights and a warning sign on the top. The van has a back door, and between the two vehicles they can carry 6 road-cones (included).

Please support, and comment minor criticisms so that i can inform you of more features or fix problems.

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