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The Brick Pit

The Brick Pit is what many of us dream of. Having the space to house countless parts organizers, storage drawers, and shelving and have them all filled with parts! So this is that dream in minifig scale! Representing the tried and tested small parts organizers and storage bins and for those who resell, the tools of the trade - envelopes, bubble wrap and tape!

After my family and I watched countless hours of Lego Masters over the holidays, we decided we need to organize our bricks so we could be more efficient at building and more organized as our brick count increases. So, in our limited space, we embarked on sorting our parts by type into containers that would fit neatly on a shelf, but during this time we spent a lot of time researching Lego storage ideas and what we saw from some of the top videos and images inspired me to create this.

I believe this would make a great Lego set because in some way, shape, or form we all want (and probably need) a well organized, spacious brick pit. The community of resellers and MOC creators is constantly growing as is the world wide fandom of Lego and this represents everyone from every community who aspires for the chance to build more Lego!

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