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Working Lego Scale

A normal kitchen scale… except in Lego.
TLG (The Lego Group) has made many household items: watches, cameras, toothbrushes, salt shakers, and more. But never a scale, and certainly not made of standard Lego bricks. This set would be a new idea for TLG to consider and possibly lead to more of this type of brick-built item. I hope you enjoy this project and remember to support it.

Hmm, about half a pound of tomatoes. Unfortunately it’s not very accurate.

Here is a shot of the mechanism that makes it work which is very similar to the real scales. As you can see it is a 4-bar linkage which magnifies the motion caused by the weight pushing down the platform. A pair of shock absorbers provides resistance. The platform also moves forwards a bit, but that’s no problem.

Another view.

Sign: “Please go to weighing station”
Driver: "At least there's no line"

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