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Old Style Red Barn


          This latest project features an old red barn. Red barns originated in the late 1700s when farmers started painting rust onto their barns to kill fungi. This also served as to make the farm appear to be constructed of red brick as well as keeping the inside warm during the winter due to the darker color. This set features a 32 x 32 baseplate farm which consists of a large hillside barn, a tractor, animals, a bale of hay, a storage tower, and a farmer with his wife. There is also a scarecrow on the grass next to the barn. The inside features a bed, farm tools, as well as more hay and a fenced in area for animals. In order to make this a more playable set, the roof is easily removable and the back wall of the barn flips open for easy access to the inside. The doors on the side as well as the front door also open. The right side has small windows that line the wall.

Build info:

  • This project features two main builds, a small 55 piece tractor and a 1275 piece farm
  • This project contains two minifigures, the farmer and his wife
  • The whole set has approximately 1340 pieces
  • This would be a relatively hard build for ages 12 and over

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