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Jetpack Joyride: Legitimate Research - Sector 01


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Have you ever played Jetpack Joyride?
Then you'd recognize this LEGO set instantly!

This set is based off of the game's first background; Sector 01.
You will see this background in every game of Jetpack Joyride you play as soon as you press start!
This effectively makes it the most recognizable background of the bunch.
What fewer people know is that the lab where the game takes place in is called Legitimate Research, a fun fact about the game!

The set is meant as a static display, a conversation piece if you will!
I built this set because I've loved Jetpack Joyride ever since the first time playing it!
The static builds that act like a display, such as the LEGO head displays, are very enjoyable to look at.
I wanted to combine both that static build style of LEGO displays, as well as the aesthetic of Jetpack Joyride!

I believe this would make a great LEGO set, because not only will you relive the nostalgia of the game that was very popular around the 2000s, but it's also a very neat background piece, literally!

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