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Hey Arnold! Sunset Arms Boarding House

Hello Everyone,

In this project, I recreated the famous Sunset Arms Boarding House from the cartoon “Hey Arnold”, very well known among children in the 90s and 2000s. Arnold is a teenager who lives with his grandparents who own the Sunset Arms Boarding Hose, a Boarding House full of quirky guests, but Arnold has the coolest room in the Boarding House, a room very colorful and with a glass roof that gives access to the rooftop, besides this, the Sunset Arms was where Arnold and his best friend Gerald start their adventures in each episode, and who doesn't remember the classic episode where Helga sneaks into Arnold's room to explore how Arnold's room is, and if you don't know, Helga loves Arnold, but nobody knows that, but she's always fighting with him so that nobody finds out that she is in love with him.

When I was a kid, this was one of my favorite cartoons, and I decided to make this model in honor of this amazing cartoon and all the "Hey Arnold" fans and LEGO fans. Because I think it would be amazing to have a modular building of this famous Boarding House that brought joy to many children who watched “Hey Arnold”.

If you also like the cartoon “Hey Arnold” or if you just liked my idea, then support my project, support is free. “Just press support”.
We need 10,000 votes for this project to become eligible, so your vote is very important for me.
Thank you all for your time!

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