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City Toll booth

This set is a medium set of a Vacational Toll booth for the autopist for lego city.
I build this because I think this can be a good conection for the city of some people to play with it.
you can play two different ways of playing like going to the beach or leaving the city
And this can use to trap criminals and hand over to the police.
This set includes 228 pieces
1 Red Vehicle (67 pieces) (the car is for two persons)
2 police officers (8 pieces)
2 walkie talkies (2 pieces)
1 toll booth (136 pieces)
2 100 dollars (2 pieces)
1 Kid (4 pieces)
2 Suitcases (2 pieces) 
1 person (4 pieces)
1 Roof tile 1x2 no. 3 (1 piece)
and 1 stop sign (2 pieces)
And this a great set and I believe this will get 10k supporters.

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