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Fire Emblem Three Houses: Garreg Mach Monastery


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To a New Dawn!
Fire Emblem Three houses is a Nintendo RPG game, released in 2019, that is loved by many Fire Emblem fans and gamers. I fell in love with the characters and the incredible story it tells from three different perspectives, which is why I wanted to bring this game into LEGO form. I introduce Garreg Mach Monastery as a medium scale build. The build comes apart in six separate pieces for fans to explore many familiar places in the monastery with some of their favorite characters.

Greetings viewers! I have something to report!

The Entrance Hall is the front of the build where the brave Gatekeeper waits to report anything. Inside the hall is the stairway as well as the entrances to the horse stables and dining hall. There are even the two knight statues on the stairway. The horse stables can also be seen attached to the hall and can be a place for students to be around.

Who will you dine with?

We all know the most important place of the monastery is the Dining Hall. Can’t fight on an empty stomach can we? The room may look small but there is enough room for minifigures to sit at the table as well as serve the food so the students won’t go hungry. Try not to mess up the food professor! The amiibo Gazebo can also be seen with those beautiful flowers and large bushes.

Hone your sword!

The Knight’s Hall was my favorite to design and is the most important room for the students to train. This can be easily accessed with an open door to get into the interior. There is the knight training dummy and a target with two bows for students to train. A large assortment of books can be seen in the room for students to better their battle technique. Feel free to grab a friend and have some tea after a day's worth of training!

Professor, do you have a moment?

The Officers Academy is built with 3 separate rooms for each of the houses and can fit 3 minifigures, respectively. Each room contains two tables, two chairs, a desk, and a chalkboard so students can study hard and move up a class. Let the lessons begin!

Can we talk, Professor?

The Reception Hall is a great place for students and professors to hang out. It consists of many chairs and tables that can seat many minifigures to have engaging conversations! The second floor contains two separate rooms which are the one bed infirmary and Captain Jeralt’s room. Captain Jeralt’s room contains a desk, the spare knight's armor, a small library, and a diary. I wonder what's inside of the diary?

What’s next professor?

This build contains less than 3000 pieces and includes 10 minifigures:

Both versions of Byleth
All 3 House Leaders and one of their closest ally's
Lady Rhea of the Church of Seiros
And of course, Gatekeeper.

We’ve already seen Nintendo characters brought to life in LEGO with Super Mario Bros and now Animal Crossing. This gives us Fire Emblem fans hope to have a LEGO version of our favorite Nintendo franchise. I’m not asking you to join the Blue Lions of the Holy Kingdom Faerghas, or the Black Eagles of the Adrestian Empire or the Golden Deer of the Leicester Alliance but to reach out your hand and friendship to support this project. That's how we win!

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