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Relax House

Welcome to the Relax house !

I like wooden houses.
I want a wooden house at the back of my garden, but first I don't have a house and still less a garden because I am not rich. :D
But a wooden house in plastic looks more afordable.
So, this is a wooden house in plastic where the goal is to relax.

What is making me relax ?
In my mind, relax is not linked to electricity or connected stuff.
I like watching the stars, read, rest, drawing, fish and (build lego).
So here is my list of relax stuff which should be with a wooden house :
  • A long chair with a book
  • A bed
  • A sun umbrella
  • A painting equipment
  • A telescope
  • A fishing rod
  • A boat
And of course :
  • A palm tree on an beach

I built this house for the LEGO challenge about the beach in 2020, but this house was totally unfinished, only the chair was done, however the idea of relaxing remained in my mind.
For this house, I made all parts (see above) easily except the roof but it was hard to link them together, this is why it took me a long time to finish it.
Recently I was back in and I found how to fix the roof in a nice way, I also succeeded to add the stairs and the telescope without destroying the roof.
Inside the house you can find, a shower, a bed, a table and a painting board with palette.
I added a lot of plants, flowers and window to open as musch as I could the house and this is also the reason why the stairs are outside.
The house is separated in two stairs with a removable rooftop.

The chair was the first finished item, I really love it because of the rotation pieces. It is ridiculous said like that but I like rotation pieces...

What would be a wooden island house without a boat or a fishing rod ?
I tried to build the smaller boat I could and as flat as possible to slide on water or on lego tiles to go faster and catch fish.

The telescope is rotating (you know why) and I enjoyed adding the rudder to also rotate up and down.
I did this object in real lego, the way I fixed the rudder with the telescope is working good.

I really like the colour of the wood and when you add the green to it, it becomes soothing.
Magic of nature.

I added the pirates map, just because I love pirates and it looks cool with the theme.

About the character, he looks like a retired guy castaway, who disconnected from life to hide alone and relaxing while he's watching the stars.

I wanted this house to be not too big with just what we finally need to be happy.
I think our world is full of stress, and watching wooden house leads to dream and gives a break in hardwork on laptop.
I trust this set to be nice to build, see and I hope it would be helpfull for relax.
Hope you like it. :)

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