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Zebra on the Run

This build captures the moment when a zebra crossing a stream. Just before it reaches the safe shore a crocodile emerges out the shallow water trying to catch the zebra. The zebra has adjustable legs so if you are team zebra you can put those legs so that the crocodile can’t get them. Or if you are team crocodile… you get it of course, but I can’t go there ;-) 

I believe it would be a great Lego set because it goes further in building a scene of a recognizable moment in wild life. As a real LEGO set it would look great among other animal (creator 3in1) sets which are currently on the shelves. So I think it’s a great set to have, to collect and play with.

If you like my idea and want your own LEGO Zebra on the run, please consider supporting my project and share it with your friends!
Thank you!

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