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Pipe Organ: King of Instruments

I've been a fan of the pipe organ ever since I was a little kid. I mean, what's not to like about a giant instrument powered solely by air?
Pipe organs can be found at churches, concert halls, theaters, and even some people's homes.
About the build:
This is a model of a tracker action organ. The keys and pedals on a tracker organ directly open the valves and let air into the pipes when pressed, as opposed to Direct Electric Action organs, which use electronics to regulate flow of air. But enough nerdy talk for now, lets get into the build!
The case of the organ is reddish brown, to simulate the color stain someone might actually put on an organ, and features gold accents. I decided to go for a traditional metallic silver color on the pipes.
The slots on the pipes, the stops, the keys, and the sheet music are all decals I created using PartDesigner, and I used Studio 2.0 to build and render it.
Thanks for checking out my creation! It'd be awesome if you would support it. If you like it, or think there is anything I should improve, let me know in the comments!
Thank you!

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