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San Siro Stadium

Here is the Lego San Siro Stadium!

This is the Meazza stadium in Milan, commonly called "San Siro" or "La Scala del Calcio", and it's not just for all sports fans.

It hosts the home games of F. C. Inter and A.C. Milan, two of the most famous european team.

Also used as a concert hall, it has over 80,000 seats.

My project is faithful to the original, almost everything is in scale and the colors are like the real ones.

Each sector has its own color: red/orange for the straights and blue/green for the curves. The 11 towers take the spectators to the 3rd ring and there are entrances in each side.

It consists of 590 pieces, about 530 only for the stadium and 60 for the base. It can be built in two different ways, with the soccer field or with the stage for concerts.

I really love it, and you?

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