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InFurno, The Red Virus

This is InFurno, a villain of my design. Little story info: he's basically an evil version of Hero Furno who's pretty much data and software compiled into a physical body.

(above: InFurno's Data Blaster, his primary weapon)
Infurno's weaponry allows him to turn objects into data, download them, and regenerate them whenever he wants to. Because of his data-based form, he can infect pretty much anything with a computerized system, including Heroes and other villains. He's also ultra smart,with a vast intellect of anything in the known universe.

(above: InFurno's Data Scepter, a symbol of his power)
Infurno is the ring leader of the entire fleet of villains, but, because of Von Nebula, he's still not at the top yet, but maybe not for very long...

I'll be willing for LEGO to make any modifications to the model, as long as he's still red and the story stays the same.

Aug. 27: 4 supporters
Sept. 3: 10 supporters
Oct. 9: 20 supporters!
Thank you for your support everyone, if you could get the word out there and get 10,000 votes, I'd really appreciate it!
Hope you like it! BRKTRN :)

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