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Medieval Stable

Get ready for an epic medieval adventure, with this medieval stable set. Keep an eye on your surroundings from the watchtower. If you feel tired, then just head downstairs and rest up in the bedroom. When you are ready, get to the armory grab your sword and shield, head downstairs, find your horse, and head out on an epic adventure. If you need some support along the way, then you better take the catapult with you.

This set is made up of 2769 parts, which includes 6 minifigures, four horses, and a catapult. On the ground floor, there are enough stables for 3 horses and a large enough coach house, that you can fit the catapult and a horse into it. Around the outside, you can find scattered tools, and supplies, that you might need.

On the first floor, above the coach house, there is a bedroom, with enough room, to fit a bed, a table, a chest, and the bow and arrow of an archer. On the second floor, there’s an armory, with all the supplies, you could possibly need. On the top of the watchtower, there’s enough space, to fit multiple minifigures.

The set comes with a variety of figures, which includes a farmer, a crossbowman, an archer, and three knights, four horses in three different colors, and of course a working catapult.

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