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RocketJump: The Ballpit Prank


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Hi everyone! It's Paradoxicality with my newest project: RocketJump: The Ballpit Prank.

If you couldn't watch the video, long story short Freddie wants to be a "fun" boss and fills the office with ballpit balls! After about one hour of "fun" the ballpit turns on them. The ballpit picks them off one-by-one. In the end, the last one gets out of their building and discovers that the entire world has been filled with ballpit balls. He then tries to find other people by making a boat out of cardboard with his dog, Charles.

The set itself includes the complete RocketJump crew in LEGO form(I forgot one and I also don't know their names). It also includes a playset for crew that is filled with balls. Now you can change the outcome of this short in LEGO form if you hit that support button.