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Lego Avengers Board Game

This is a board game based on the Marvel movie called The Avengers.

How to play: This game is for 2 to ten players. All microfigures are to be placed at the start which is marked by square 1X1s. A player from the good guy team goes first (oldest to yongest), by rolling the die. Next the oldest in the bad guy team, and so on. On the die, there is a two dot side, a four dot side, a five dot side, a six side, a green hulk side, and a orange alien side. The hulk and alien sides mean if you are on a green space or orange space you get destroyed (depending on witch team you are on and what color on the die was rolled) and you are sent back to the front of the board.

How to win: For the good guys, get to the portal on top of stark tower, and for the bad guys, get 3 of the Avengers back on the starting spaces at one time.

Ranks: The good guys get 5 avengers and the bad get Loki and 4 aliens. On top of each figures head there is something marking their rank, for example a round 1X1 stud with a hole in it marks the lowest rank. A round 1X1 stud without a hole means the fourth rank, a round 1X1 without anything on it means the third, a square-shaped 1X1 with nothing on top is the second, and if nothing is on the microfigure's head, it is rank 1.

Battling: To battle, two players must be on spaces that are right next to each other, and when this happens, one of the players can say "Attack" and who ever has the lowest number rank wins (one being the best and five being the worst), and the player who lost is sent back to the start.

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