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Tri-Met MAX (Metropolitan Area Express) Light Rail

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TriMet, or Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon is the Portland, OR area's public transportation agency and --according to US Industry data-- Portland is cited as one the top 10 cities ranked among the best in the US for public transportation.
TriMet's MAX light rail is a big part of Portland public transportation and is very recognizable.
I based this model on the Siemens S70 which is one of the newer MAXs in Portland.
I built this MAX because I am a public transportation enthusiast. I've been riding the MAX my entire life and have fallen in love with it.
Here are the details:

  • It's based in the TriMet colors of Blue, White and Yellow.
  • It bends in two spots like real MAX trains and is completely sealed up.
  • The roof comes off (in three parts) to show a detailed interior (except where the Power Functions are). 
  • Yep, it's motorized!
  • And realistic-looking doors.

We hope you'll support us (the minifigs, the MAX, and me)!


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