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Zoo Center


Add to your city with this Zoo Center with a small LEGO store, monkey exhibit, Fountain, giraffe exhibit, and forest. It gives you a lot of small 1 x 1 pieces and you get a chicken. You get a monkey hat in brown, dual molded legs and arms. 

mini figures: Flowey, Sans, Papyrus, Frisk, Zoo Keeper, JANGBRiCKS, Visitor, and Monkey Suit Guy

Misc. Chihuahua plush, Chicken Plush, Sparrow plush, Silver Rhino Statue, 2 monkey mini figures, a gold trophy, a golden monkey, and a baby monkey 

I built this because my sister loves monkeys. I love Lego so I decided to put in a Lego Store. I put a Silver Rhino Fountain in the center. You get a JANGBRiCKS (A LEGO reviewer) mini figure. You also get 2 monkey figures.

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