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Ewok Village

do you like legos?
do you like star wars?
do you like return of the jedi?
do you like man eating tedy bears(not sure how to spell it)?
well this set is the perfect thing for you. even though im still in progras, this set will have 3 e-wok houses, one "army bace", and in the middle, one big 'common house'. this is were c-3po told the ewoks the star wars story. the village will be biult on the trees. and LEGO, if you are reading this, please help me with the roofs?
the set will include 2 endor rebal troopers, endor leia, luke and han, 5 ewoks, one ewok tribe leader, and 2 of those things the ewok fly with. thank you for soppurting me and i will be glad to assist you in any way.

hello every body,
i finaly finished building my project. i think it looks very good and i hope you appriciate it. i added some screenshots so you can see what it looks like. the low platform is the army bace i metioned earlier.the tree has a weak spot that you can separate it and reveal a chair and a fireplace. sadly, i could not have put the minifigures because LDD didn't have the pieces.
below are pictures with the plants on

here you can see the bridges that connect the houses

this is a side shot which you can see the common house the army bace and the tree

this is an over all view of the set

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