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British Naval Fortress


Batten down the hatches and brace yourself for this epic fortress! Situated somewhere in the Caribbean, this fortress is ready to protect the surrounding waters from pirate attacks! But how will it fare against one pirate in a rowboat? Hmm...

This action-packed set is inspired by the old British and Spanish forts in the Caribbean. It comes with six minifigures, all detailed after the outfits of that era. An entire deck of cannons is ready for play, as well as an exploding wall to break in, an armory, the Admiral's office, a watchtower, and much more!


  •     6 figures: 4 Redcoats and 2 pirates
  •     A rowboat with cargo
  •     Swiveling cannon
  •     Gold treasure to find!
  •     Exploding wall

I believe this would make an excellent Lego set because it's such a classic concept. Who doesn't love the daring adventures of pirates, and fortresses ready for actioon? This set would appeal to children for the play and adults for the display value. PLUS! It would fit right in with other pirate sets. So if you want to see this amazing fortress made into a real Lego set, upvote and follow! Updates will come as I tweak the model.

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