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Mini Christmas Carousel


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Mini Christmas Carousel

Introducing the Mini Christmas Carousel. A great Christmas display piece for any LEGO fans at Christmas, or just for fun to play with.

Made of 204 pieces the Carousel has a crank handle at the side which, when turned moves the internal gear system and causes the carousel top and horses to spin around. This is a Mini Carousel so it wont take up much space but still looks great with all the various details around the base the central pillar and top, please see the image of the Carousel with the minifig next to it to get a better idea of the size.

*No minifig included its just for size example

History of the Carousel

Back in the 1100's, Arabian and Turkish horsemen played a game on horseback. They took it very seriously... so seriously that Italian and Spanish crusaders who watched, described the contest as a "little war" or garosello and carosella respectively.

The crusaders brought the game back to Europe where it became, in time, an extravagant display of horsemanship and finery that the French called carrousel.

A major event of the carrousel was the ring-spearing tournament in which a man would ride his horse or chariot full tilt, lance in hand, toward a small ring hanging from a tree limb or pole by brightly colored ribbons. The object, of course, was to spear the ring.

About 300 years ago, some frenchman got the idea to build a device to train young noblemen in the art of ring-spearing. His device consisted of carved horses and chariots suspended by chains from arms radiating from a centerpole. This was probably the beginning of the carousel as we have come to know it.

By the late 1700's, there were numerous carousels built solely for amusement scattered throughout Europe. They were small and light.. . their size and weight limited by what could readily be move by man, mule, or horsepower. These limitations were removed with the invention of the steam engine.

When the power of steam was applied to carousels, the elaborate machines we think of became possible.

Gustav Dentzel was the man who pioneered the modern carousel in America ... in the 1860's. Many talented men followed his lead and their creations became the centerpiece of hundreds of amusement parks that sprung up in the cities and resorts of the United States.


Please support this the Mini Christmas Carousel I think it will be great for any LEGO fan.

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