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Welcome to the world of tomorrow!  Futurama is a colorful vision of the future with many memorable characters and stylistic spacecraft.

The main build in this set is the Planet Express Ship which features:

  • A ride on top design that has room for up to 3 minifigs
  • A model that captures the iconic style of the ship
  • Rotating front turret, 3 large fins and a big engine in the back
  • Cargo hold - The cabin floor flips up to reveal a spacious cargo are that can fit the included head in a jar
  • Notes about the design: The photographed real life model has green fins.  If the parts were available in dark turquois, that might be a more accurate color choice.

This set is initially proposed to include the 3 main characters with some accessories:

  • Fry - Two sided head with one print featuring a happy face, and the other side featuring Fry's skeptical face.  Fry would come with some Earth money, pizza box, and a can of slurm.
  • Leela - Shown here with a big pony tail and hair in her face, Leela would have two sided head printing (one happy, one fierce) that features here big cycloptic eye.  She would come with a phaser and hopefully arm printing for her arm band.
  • Bender - would come with 1 sided face and a crowbar or loot bag.  There are several ways to build Bender's head.  The smaller round 1x1 brick with lever on top may be a suitable alternative to this antenna-less version that features Egghead's parts.
  • Bonus Character: 1 or more Heads in a Jar.  Perhaps Lego will include a head of the original Lego inventor!
  • Hypnotoad - Brown Frog piece ideally with yellow eyes

Further Characters, Spaceships, and accessories:  If this set progresses towards 10K, I'll update with proposals for:

  • The Nimbus - Microfighter style
  • Kitten Class Attack ship
  • Zoidburg, Amy, Hermes, Professor Farnsworth, Kif, Zapp
  • Hypnotoad and Nibbler
  • Slurm Can, $300 Bill

Listen to the Hypnotoad and Support this Project!

Designers: This was a joint project between mjsmiley and artbot138

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