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Statue of King Richard III

Statue Of King Richard III

This bronze statue, standing on a carved stone plinth, was donated to the City of Leicester in 1980 by the Richard III Society and is currently located in Leicester's Cathedral Gardens outside the King Richard III Visitor Centre, near where King Richard III's remains were discovered under a car park in September 2012.

With only 122 bricks, this is the smallest LEGO Idea I have created, with 4 printed tiles for the name plate and three of the plaques that adorn the statue. (The fourth plaque is blank to avoid contravening LEGO Ideas guidelines.)

The figure has been left blank to better reflect its nature as a bronze statue.
The crown here is as close a piece as I could find and I think it looks close enough as part of the statue.

I hope you can support this idea as it reflects part of Leicester's rich cultural heritage.

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