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Rose Cottage


Hello All and thank you for dropping by and looking at my lego idea

This is my 6th build i all hope you like it as well as the lego ideas team !

Build Includes 310 Bricks

Why did i want to this project ?

So on this build i wanted to do something that was different and that was my own original idea to my other lego ideas i also wanted to make sure that the colours looked good and that the model pictures where rendered to perfection as well as making sure the model pictures where simple and where eye catching the reason why i create my lego ideas is not for work but simply for my own pleasure and i enjoy being part of this amazing lego community and seeing what other talent there is  out in the world of lego so that's why.

What could off i improved on this project if i was to do this again ?

I Maby might of added some lego trees  around my model as well as some figures.

Please Support & Please feel free to look at my other lego ideas in the links below

Thank you for your time

Mr Captain Burger





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