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Brickflip Skateshop


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Brickflip Skateshop

I love skating. No matter if it’s a computer game or going outside with my friends. To show my love for this sport I’d like to present to you my “Brickflip Skateshop” Lego idea.

This set comes with a great background story of three close friends Zack, Sam, and Peter who were skating together since high school. Their biggest dream was to live off skating, so when they found out that someone was selling an old warehouse nearby, they decided to give it a try and turn it into the coolest skate shop in town. The old industrial building has been redesigned. They added some wooden ramps connected to the shop and turned the whole roof into a small wooden skate park.

Another idea to attract clients was to broadcast a talk-show about skating. They called it “Brickflip TV”. In this show they talk about new skate products, such as wheels, they test skate equipment and also invite guests related to this sport.

So let me tell you about how the set is built. It contains the ground floor, the first floor, and the roof. All of them are detachable. Additionally, you can detach the ramp to gain access to the staff storage and workshop.


The set is 32x48 in studs and It has “modular style pavement” so that the design fits with other modular sets. There are a grinding bench and a white lantern in front of the store. On the side, we can find a beautiful autumn tree. There are some stairs leading to the big ramp and a fun box. On the ramp wall, you can see graffiti made by one of the store owners. The whole building is overgrown with autumn vines and you can find lots of fallen leaves all over the set.


This part of the skate shop includes lots of small details that make this set very playable. The main features are:

  • Round clothes rack in the center of the shop.
  • Pants rack next to the front doors
  • Shelf with spray cans that fits perfectly under the stairs
  • Box for old, used wheels that can be turned into new ones
  • Skateboard rack with skateboard decks on it. Customers can choose a deck and wheels color separately.
  • Wheels rack next to the counter
  • Box with cold beverages under the wheels rack
  • Counter with a cash register on top and a glass panel underneath
  • Huge shelf with wheels behind the counter
  • Helmets shelf there are three helmet size categories****
  • Cap stands located next to the window
  • Display mannequin and some other products on the shop exposition

Behind the counter, there are doors leading to the staff room. You can find there some boxes with new wheels, a workshop desk, and a few tools. There are also graffiti on walls and a blackboard.


On the first floor, there are some more hoodies on the rack. You can find there also:

  • Fingerboard skatepark that is free to use for all of the customers
  • Surfing boards placed on a nice stand with colorful graphic on top
  • Snowboards placed the same way as surfing boards
  • Red couch with coffee table and a bookshelf behind. This is where boys shoot their “Brickflip TV” episodes. You can see a camera in front of it.


The whole roof is a small private skate park. You can find different kinds of ramps there.

  • Bigger quarter pipe
  • Roll-in
  • Smaller quarter
  • Funbox with rails and a grind box

There is a small bench to sit down and rest. You can also find a broom to clean the skate park after the session.


The whole set comes with 3 store owners – Zack, Sam, and Peter

Additionally, I’ve included some customers and skaters, so the whole set includes 11 Minifigures. That’s a lot, but I wanted to show the functions and playability of the set.

It took me about 3 weeks to accomplish this. Including architecture research, building, preparing graphics (like graffiti), and rendering. All the graphics were made specifically for this contest (as well as the whole set of course). I would like to thank my close friend who helped me with the design of the graffiti and came up with a few great ideas that made this set more detailed. I hope you like it as much as I do.

No matter what sport is your favorite, keep practicing and maybe someday it will become your profession.

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